Technical capabilities

  1. Colour and black and white digital printing, max. Format 487 x 330 mm, printing 476 x 323 mm.

  2. Capacity up to 60 A3 + sheets per minute. The range of paper weights 50 - 350g.

  3. Cutting (3 guillotines, cutting width up to 720 mm) and engraving

  4. Lamination with matt, Ultra Mat, or glossy foil (3 laminators, width up to 700 mm)

  5. Creasing and folding (manual and automatic devices)

  6. Rounding corners

  7. Perforation

  8. Cutting into any shape (foil, self-adhesive paper, chalk paper, cardboard boxes)

  9. gilding (sleeking and hot stamping)

  • Fixtures:

    - glued soft

    - spiral

    - booklet (notebook), regular and eyelet staples

Personalization - the possibility of complicated personalization with programmed variables (e.g., variable data by gender or age)

Security features - microprint and hidden text visible under UV light



LED-UV printing

NEW 8 colour Fuji Acuity LED 1600 printer

The Acuity LED 1600 device is equipped with a unique low-energy UV LED fixation system, with a capacity of 20 square meters per hour. The device can print on rigid and flexible substrates (including PET, acrylic, polycarbonate) and is suitable for a variety of applications including poster printing, POP advertising and display.

The printer is equipped with 8 Dimatix production heads with variable drop printing technology (VersaDrop). Printing is done in CMYK, Lc, Lm (light Cyan and light Magenta), white and colourless.

The hybrid design enables printing on roll materials (maximum print width 1610 mm) and rigid materials (maximum 1610 x 2800 mm and thickness 13 mm).

Prints on the Acuity LED 1600 are great for backlighting.

Laser printing

Colour and black and white low-cost printing in formats up to 487 x 330 mm on modern machines.

Our prints have a quality comparable to offset prints and the print itself is much less glossy and more durable / abrasion resistant (compared to other digital prints).

1. NEW! COLOR Production digital press Ricoh Pro 7200 X

Print up to 120 ppm A4 (60 ppm A3 +), paper weight range 50-350g.

Additionally, we purchased an advanced personalization system with the device.


2. NEW! BLACK Production digital pressKonicaMinolta bizhub pro 1052

Black and white printing up to 105 ppm A4 (60 ppm A3), paper weight range 40-350g.

Thanks to this device, we are able to print black and white books and notebooks at very favorable prices.

The use of this service is justified especially when printing is needed, for example:


  • low-volume leaflets, brochures, or folders (especially when you need a quick deadline) invitations, diplomas,
  •  low-cost presentations and professional conference or training materials,
  •  low-circulation A4 document folders,
  •  user manuals, warranty cards,
  •  low-volume book printing (in various bindings),
  •  printing of stickers on paper / self-adhesive films (cut into any shape),
  •  individual A5 and A4 binders,
  •  price lists in various frames (also in the form of a binder),
  •  personalized prints, i.e. letters, offers,
  •  customized (individual), i.e. each printout from the edition may differ in terms of graphics or photos,
  •  various types of calendars (including three-fold and spiral-bound calendars),


Thanks to the well-equipped bindery, we can easily finish the printed works. We have, among others, 2 guillotines, 3 laminators, devices for soft, hard, brochure and spiral binding, creasing machines, corner rounders, perforators, paper drills.

On special request, the prints can also be enriched with embossing, UV varnish, varnish with a glitter or pearl effect.