Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print a few A4 pages "on the spot"?

We only accept orders through the website barwa-print.eu .The minimum lead time for some products is a minimum of 4 hours for the express option. We do not provide retail services offered at xero outlets.

Can I place an order without registration?

Due to the way the website works and the order fulfilment process, we do not provide for such a possibility. The data provided during registration are only used to process the order.

What data do we require for registration?

We ask you to provide data enabling us to contact you:

  • first and last name so that you know who to turn to
  • e-mail address to be able to inform you about changes in the order status (automatic notifications) and generated sales documents; e-mail address allows you to regain access to the account and logging into the system
  • address that will be used as the default shipping address
  • invoice data, in particular NIP if you want to receive VAT invoices
  • telephone number to which we will call only in exceptional cases.

What is the delivery cost?

Courier shipment is calculated by the basket, regardless of the weight of the package and country of delivery. 

What's included in the price?

The prices listed on the website relate to the manufacture of a product with strictly defined parameters (provided in the calculation or in the product details) from a file prepared by the ordering party. The price does not include designing, reproducing the pattern or editing (e.g. changing the data on the business card) - these works are priced individually on the basis of the materials provided. The cost of delivery is shown in the basket.

Will the printout from my file look "good"?

To maintain the highest quality of our services, we have developed guidelines for preparing files for printing. Preparation according to these recommendations allows you to avoid the most common shortcomings. If you don't know if your file is prepared properly, don't worry. We check all files meticulously. You will receive information about the files by e-mail.

My files did not pass verification correctly. What's next?

At this point, you can upload new files that you or your graphic designer will correct. Choose to print despite the warnings or have us adjust the file. For the cost of improvement, see the file notes. Let us know about your decision by writing an e-mail to barwa@barwa.pl in the subject line with the order number. Sometimes it happens that the quality of the materials sent does not allow us to edit and adapt the file to the recommendations.

An important issue is whether the parameters of the ordered work match with the materials sent. For example: when ordering business cards with dimensions of 90x50mm, and by uploading files indicating the 85x54 mm format, you will receive an e-mail informing you about this difference. In this case, you can adjust the file to the dimension ordered or place a new order with the correct parameters. For books or brochures, a significant difference may be, for example, the number of pages ordered and those in the file.

Do you have to do the so-called bleeds?

You should. As with traditional printing, it is impossible to cut the paper perfectly where the colour ends, and the white sheet begins. A few millimetres bleed allows us to cut the work nicely and keep its assumed format.

What is Paper Weight?

Paper weight is a parameter that determines the weight of one sheet of paper with an area of ​​one square meter of paper. Simply put, the greater the value of this parameter, the thicker the paper. The grammage does not directly determine the stiffness of the paper, eg 300gsm matte chalk paper is more stiff than glossy paper of the same grammage.

Why does the Word printout look different than on the monitor?

Changes in the printer driver (e.g. change of paper size, change of margins) in some applications (especially in Word!) Reformat the project and often its "crumbles". Therefore, you should only finally review the project AFTER you have set all the printing parameters. In order to avoid reformatting the project when printing, it is best to set the PostScript printer as the default printer, set the required paper size and only then start editing the work.

Can I print from popular office programs - Word, PowerPoint?

Due to problems with different interpretations of the same Office files on different computers, we do not accept this type of files, such a document should be converted into PDF using generally available PDF conversion programs.