Regulations from September 1, 2012

Zasady współpracy obowiązujące od 1 września 2012r.

Terms of cooperation

§1 General conditions.

  1. The Internet Customer Service System of the website, hereinafter referred to as the Website, is run by the company Barwa Piotr Kulesza with its registered office in Białystok at ul. gen. G. S. Patton 12. The document below is a form of an agreement between Barwa Piotr Kulesza and the Client using the website. Registration on the Website automatically means acceptance of these regulations.
  2. Orders on the website may be placed by customers who have access to the Internet, have undergone the registration procedure and have received their individual access password.
  3. Barwa Piotr Kulesza undertakes not to disclose his clients' contact details to third parties. These data are used only for the proper settlement of orders, delivering them to the correct address, contacts necessary for the implementation of orders and informing contractors about significant changes in the offer and marketing activities, in accordance with the Act
    of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883, of 2000 No. 12, item 136, No. 50, item 580 and No. 116, item 1216 and of 2001) r. No. 42, item 474), consolidated text on the basis of the Act of August 25, 2001 amending the Personal Data Protection Act, Journal of Laws No. of 2001, No. 100, item 1087.
    By accepting the Regulations, the Customer agrees to receive information by e-mail, in accordance with the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144 of 2002, item 1204)
  4. At the time of sending the order by the Customer, a financial obligation arises automatically due to its implementation by Barwa Piotr Kulesza, which will be paid in cash to the courier upon delivery, by payment card or bank transfer.

§2. Prices

  1. The prices published in the price list of the website are net prices to which VAT of 23% is added and relate to the printing of works with strictly defined parameters, which are given in the "product details" tab, and in the case of calculators, according to the parameters provided by the customer during calculation. Printing takes place only from the files provided by the Customer, the parameters of which are consistent with the parameters of the ordered product.
  2. Customers who document their service activities in the field of printing, publishing, photography, advertising and resell products or services purchased from Barwa Piotr Kulesza to end customers, will receive "agency" discounts.
  3. Barwa Piotr Kulesza reserves the right to make changes to the price list without prior notice to the customers.
  4. The given prices do not include designing, editing files and the cost of delivery.

§3. Order fulfillment

  1. An order placed on the website consists of one or more items available on the Website.
  2. Orders placed on the Website by Barwa Piotr Kulesza employees (sent by e-mail), as well as changes consisting in transferring orders between orders, are charged with additional fees specified in the price list of additional services.
  3. Registration and transfer of orders without using the website system are performed only on working days from 8:00 to 16:00.
  4. The computer files necessary for the execution of the contract should be prepared in accordance with the technical specification given in the offer and the "How to prepare" recommendations for a given item of the offer (product).
  5. Orders containing damaged files, i.e. not opening, not importable, saved in an unsupported format or with viruses, are deleted, and Barwa Piotr Kulesza informs the Customer about this fact in the form of an e-mail immediately after detecting the defect, but not later than on the date of order fulfillment.
  6. Barwa Piotr Kulesza charges an additional fee for the preparation (without interfering with the content of the file) if the orders are accompanied by files in a format other than the recommended format.
  7. Orders placed or transferred via the system, prepared in accordance with the "How to prepare" recommendations, are not charged with any additional fee.
  8. The order may be canceled or changed only if it has not been granted the "accepted" status yet.

§4. Printing materials

  1. Works in the form of an electronic file are printed in the form in which they were delivered by the Customer. Barwa Piotr Kulesza does not check the content, does not make corrections and modifications to the files provided, and thus is not responsible for content-related or spelling errors in the content of the graphic design.
  2. Barwa Piotr Kulesza is not responsible for any infringement of copyrights and the content of materials provided by the Customer. If they contain content that is illegal or violates moral standards, Barwa Piotr Kulesza has the right to refuse to implement it.
  3. Materials for printing should be prepared in accordance with the recommendations published on the Website ("how to prepare" sections). In special cases, it is allowed to deviate from the given specification at the request of the Ordering Party. In such a case, printing is the responsibility of the customer, and Barwa Piotr Kulesza is not responsible for printing errors.
  4. Barwa Piotr Kulesza allows the possibility of editing files provided by the Ordering Party for an additional fee agreed with the Client individually for a given order. All corrections made to the work are sent to the client for verification and approval. The order processing time is counted in business days from the moment of file acceptance. Barwa Piotr Kulesza is not responsible for the acceptance of files that contain errors.
  5. The file delivered to Barwa Piotr Kulesza via the Internet is archived by the company after two weeks from the date of receipt or shipment of the work. Upon special request, the client can obtain a file that has been archived.
    Electronic media on which the works are delivered are not sent back to the customer. There is a possibility of personal collection. Two weeks after the order has been processed, the carrier and its contents are destroyed.
  6. The customer's intellectual property contained in his files sent over the Internet to Barwa Piotr Kulesza is protected against third party access only if the files have been sent to an individual FTP account (also using a script that adds files to the order). Such protection does not cover a public FTP account, as well as files delivered in other than the above-mentioned. way.

§5. Time limits for completion and terms of delivery of orders

  1. Order fulfillment dates in calculators and price lists are given in working days. A working day is understood as every day except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and other non-working days. For orders placed before 16.00, the period of implementation is counted in full working days from the moment of accepting the order, in other cases from 8.00 am the next business day.
  2. For orders composed of more than one order (work to be performed), the order completion date is determined by the order with the longest completion date.
  3. The maximum order completion date is calculated automatically when filling in the order form. The order is ready for collection at the headquarters of Barwa Piotr Kulesza or shipment by courier within the time specified in the / order summary and in the e-mail confirming the acceptance of the order for execution.
  4. The deadlines for the execution of orders or one of the items in the order may be missed by Barwa Piotr Kulesza in the event of force majeure (e.g. failure). In this case, however, the Customer is informed about this fact no later than on the date of the maximum completion date.
  5. The maximum delivery date to the address provided by the Customer is the sum of the order fulfillment time and the time of delivery by the courier (DPD). Usually it is the next business day from the moment the package is shipped.
  6. The actual order completion date is usually shorter than the deadline declared in the order summary. In this case, the Customer is informed about this fact by e-mail, on the day of dispatch of the goods or its readiness for collection at the headquarters of Barwa Piotr Kulesza.
  7. Granting an order the status of "ready for shipment" is not tantamount to its shipment on the same day.
    If two or more orders are completed at the same time (from the same customer, with the same shipping address), Barwa Piotr Kulesza may decide to pack them into one shipment in order to reduce delivery costs.

§6. Express orders.

  1. Selected items of the offer are available in the "express" mode.
  2. The "express" mode is available only when the machines needed to provide a given service have free production capacity, are not serviced or damaged.
  3. Working in "express" mode is carried out as quickly as possible. Dates for express orders in calculators and price lists are given in working days. A working day is understood as every day except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and other non-working days. For orders placed before 12oo, the implementation period is counted in full working days from the time of placing the order, in other cases from 800 the next business day.
  4. For orders composed of more than one item (work to be done), the order fulfillment date is determined by the item with the longest execution time, taking into account the shortened express order execution times.
  5. If it is not possible to execute the express order on time, the customer will be notified as soon as possible.

§7. Payment

  1. The basic form of payment for services and products ordered on the website is cash payment on personal pickup or prepayment (PAY U payment system).
  2. It is possible to pay by credit card at the time of ordering. In this case, the necessary condition for the execution of the order by Barwa Piotr Kulesza is the positive authorization of the payment by the E-Card system.
  3. By making purchases through the website, the customer agrees to receive invoices and corrective invoices electronically. The customer also has the option to download e-invoices by logging into the Website, selecting the "my account" subpage.
  4. In special cases, Barwa Piotr Kulesza may request a prepayment from the customer before completing the order.

§8. Complaints

  1. Claims for damage to shipments in transit must be reported at the time of receipt of the goods. The recipient is obliged to draw up a complaint protocol with the participation of the shipping company and immediately notify Barwa Piotr Kulesza of this in writing. Complaints that do not meet the specified procedure will not be considered.
  2. Complaints regarding the quality of services or products may be submitted within 14 days of their receipt at the latest. The 14-day period does not apply to complaints about the guaranteed durability of a product or service. If the complaint is accepted, the cost of delivery is covered by Barwa Piotr Kulesza.
  3. The application should be sent by e-mail to the address The message should include:
    - order number
    - the name of the item, if the order consisted of multiple items
    - a detailed description of the defect
    - contact details (name, surname, telephone number)
    - optional: scan, photo or other materials that may help in considering the complaint.
  4. Complaints regarding the print quality, if 100% of the advertised circulation is not sent, will be considered negative. Within 7 business days of Barwa Piotr Kulesza's receipt of the advertised effort, the complaint will be considered and the Barwa Piotr Kulesza employee will inform the Client about the result and method of its solution. In the event of a negative consideration of the complaint, the Customer will bear the costs of delivering and re-sending the advertised goods.
  5. Barwa Piotr Kulesza makes every effort to accurately reproduce the colors contained in the designs provided by the client, and the work carried out was free from manufacturing defects. Taking into account the technological differences resulting from the method of displaying colors (RGB) by most monitors, and the printing technology (CMYK color space), the lack of conformity of the print color with the image on the Customer's monitor cannot be the basis for a complaint. The same principle applies to complaints about the color of the print compared to printouts from other printers.
  6. Due to the specification of the machines used in the printing process, it is allowed to:
    a) the tolerance of the obverse / reverse print registration is 1.5 mm
    b) tolerance of cutting for single pieces and punching up to 2 mm
    c) tolerance of the made fold, crease, perforation 1 mm
    d) the occurrence of cracking of the paper at the place of breaking or creasing of paper with a grammage above 150g, especially in places with high color saturation - it is caused by the limited strength of the material and not a manufacturing defect.

§9. Compensation liability

  1. Barwa Piotr Kulesza excludes its liability for damages due to non-performance or improper performance of orders. This means that the Ordering Party will not be able to pursue any claims for damages under the given title. This provision does not apply to consumers, i.e. natural persons who do not conduct business activity.

§10. Jurisdiction of the Court

  1. Any disputes relating to the performance of this contract shall be settled by the court competent for Barwa Piotr Kulesza.