Order process

Get to know the way we work

Start by logging in - only then will your discounts be visible. Add a product or calculation to the basket - you will automatically go to the basket view. If you want to print more works, feel free to add them. The product in your cart will not disappear when you return to browsing the products. You can add up to 5 items in one order

1. Cart: choose a shipping and payment method. Here you can also decide on the option of the coffee machine, i.e. shortening the standard delivery time.
2. Complete your order: Here you can select a delivery address, an anonymous shipment and share additional information about your order with us. You can still go back to the cart and edit its contents.
3. Saving the order and adding files. From that moment on, your order is visible to us. It has received its unique number. If you leave the order now, you can return to it at any time to add files or select the order from which to download them. Remember to submit the files uploaded to the order for verification. Only then will we have a chance to see and check them. At this stage, you cannot edit the order anymore. The information provided in it is a binding document for us, guidelines at every stage of production.
4. Checking files: first, we compare whether the file agrees with what was ordered (including work dimensions and those resulting from the file, number of pages), and then the quality of the file in terms of "how to prepare" guidelines. We will always inform you by e-mail if anything raises our doubts. Remember, if the number of pages and dimensions of the work are correct, you can decide to print it despite reservations about the file. More on this topic can be found in the FAQ.

5. We confirm the acceptance of the order by e-mail, in which you will find the date of receipt or shipment. When choosing a courier parcel, you should add 1 business day for delivery.