with advertising agencies in mind

How can we support your advertising agency?

In our activity, we focus on the greatest possible automation of order fulfillment. What does it mean?

Let's start with the inquiry you receive from the client:
- current print price lists can be found in the menu on the left. It has been divided into product categories.
- unusual work - customer inquiries often do not match typical products offered by online printing houses. Our printing calculators will help you here. Thanks to them, you will perform an online valuation of work tailored strictly to your client. Importantly, you can save such a calculation and give it your name. This way you can return to it easily. Without having to enter all parameters "from scratch" you can change it or add it to the basket immediately.
- up to 5 different works in one order - you do not have to repeat the order process many times.
- no name fabric stencils - paper and foil stencils prepared by us do not contain our company markings (e.g. logo)
- outside office hours, we are available on the facebook profile

Realization and course of the order:
- templates and guidelines "how to prepare files for printing" assigned to a given product - each product has a tab developed especially for it
- shortening the standard delivery time thanks to the express option available in the basket
- if you have recurring orders, we will make it easier for you to handle them thanks to the possibility of repeating them in a few clicks. You can do it in two ways: repeat exactly what has already been done or indicate to us the order from which to download the files. As with online calculation, you can give your own description of the order.
- we provide all information about the progress of the order in the form of an e-mail.
- payments are supported by payU - we get information about the payment immediately and therefore we can immediately proceed with the order. In addition, you will find solutions such as deferred payment, blik payment or payments in a different currency. For more information, see the payU page
- personal collection of the order or delivery by city courier (nadsz.pl), which delivers parcels on the same day.
- anonymous courier delivery - you can send the order directly to the customer. Your data as a sender will appear on the package.
- address book - you can save up to 50 shipping addresses
- all packages are unmarked - we do not use packages and tapes with our company logo. In the package, you will not find our company's promotional materials or invoices - things that are troublesome if they get into the hands of the customer.
- electronic invoices available by e-mail and in the "my account" panel

- the amount of the discount varies depending on the product. The basic rate is 20%
- to receive a discount, write an e-mail or call us so that we can verify you (you will receive an e-mail confirming the granting of discounts)