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The online order handling system was launched in 2010. Since then, we have been constantly working on it. We try to make it fully reflect the capabilities of the printing house. What distinguishes us are the printing calculators, thanks to which you can quote and order work tailored to your needs. You no longer have to adapt to the finished products of the "online store". You can calculate many print variants (e.g. by changing the type of paper, quantity), save selected variants on your user account and order - immediately or returning to the saved calculation later.

Main functions:

 - current price list of products

 - online valuation of non-standard products (online print calculators) and saving selected calculations

 - placing orders

 - possibility of combining up to 5 different works in one order

 - making payments

 - file transfer

 - presenting the progress of order fulfilment

 - storing data on the work carried out

 - sharing electronic documents (VAT invoice, proforma)

 - choice of delivery method

 - book of shipping addresses in the Customer panel

 - storage of files already used in printing, which means that you do not have to add them every time

 - the ability to repeat an order in the same configuration with just a few clicks.


Our offer consists of printing calculators and finished products.

To limit the infinite number of products available on the website, we have created printing calculators. Thanks to them, you can decide for yourself what parameters your product should have. To make your work easier, we have divided them into separate categories:

Sheet calculator - for simple works on white or decorative paper, e.g. atypical business cards, folded invitations, price cards or hangtags (including those cut out in shape), admission tickets / vouchers with unique numbering or code

Sticker calculator - here you will find stickers intended for inside and product labels; a wide selection of substrates and finishes will make you find what you need. Enter the dimension - you do not have to adjust to the ready pattern. We will cut the sticker according to the shape sent by you.

Booklet and catalogue calculator - is devoted exclusively to the work of stapled staples. Enter the size, number of pages, select the material and set the required quantity (even 1 pc). If the technical capabilities do not allow us to do this job, the calculator will warn you like this - you will not order something that we will not be able to do.

Notebook’s calculator - you can set any size and number of sheets in the pad. Remember that the notebooks we offer are only printed in black. The cover, on the other hand, can be coloured.

Paperback book calculator - books with black and colour printing.


UV-Led calculator from the roll - here you can order prints up to 1600 mm wide, such as wallpapers, posters with non-standard dimensions, car stickers, stickers on transparent foil with white colour, print on canvas.


UV-Led rigid calculator - it applies to materials such as foamed PVC with a thickness of 2-5 mm, cardboard with a thickness of 1.6 mm, colourless PETG - here you can order a plate or board. Direct printing eliminates the need to cover the rigid substrate with foil.


A separate segment of our offer are ready-made products:

 - business cards with different finishes (including laminated with glossy, matte or ultra mat / soft touch foil)

 - posters from A3 to B0 format

 - clipboards and binders

 - postcards

 - briefcases

 - pens

 - leaflets

 - calendars: spiral, triple, single, leaf

 - rollup

They have strictly defined parameters (including dimensions, type and thickness of paper) - more information can be found in the "product details" tab.


System requirements

For the correct operation of the service system, you need:

  • Graphical web browser - we recommend Google Chrome.